Accreditations – Acreditaciones


The Marbella Fashion Week© is one of the most important events in Marbella, covered by a lot of journalists and media outlets from other countries.
Press accreditations are granted by the Press Office or the Audiovisual Press Office, to authorised media representatives only, who have been assigned responsibility for media coverage of the Marbella Fashion Week. Any other media representatives should contact the Accreditations team:

The number of accreditations per media outlet and the categories of the badges (access and priority levels) are attributed according to the profession represented (journalist, photographer, media technician), the periodicity of the media outlet, its size (circulation, audience), its focus on FASHION and its expected coverage of the Marbella Fashion Week.

If your main activity is editorial (print and digital press, news agency, web/digital media editor), your point of contact is the Press Office:
Print and digital press, news agencies:
Web/digital media:

If your main activity is audiovisual (broadcast media agency, photo agency, press photographer, audiovisual web media, TV, radio), your contact will be the Audiovisual Press Office:
Broadcast media (TV-Radio-Agency), photo agencies & press photographers:
Audiovisual Web Media (Video & Image):


From 1st. june onwards, you can apply for a press accreditation for Marbella Fashion Week © The closing date for applications for  accreditation is 23rd September 2018.

The official opening of Marbella Fashion Week© will take place on 4th. October 2018.

You can apply for individual accreditation for yourself, individual accreditation for a third party, or accreditation for a group of people. It is very important to fill in the specific information for each person.

If your team consists of editorial journalists (written coverage) and broadcast journalists (audiovisual coverage), you will need to proceed in two different steps, and submit two separate applications, one for each main activity (editorial group and audiovisual group).

Interested should download the application and send it to the corresponding email.

The organization will not be responsible for the requests that have been sent to other email addresses.